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Manage AWS Elastic IPs With AWS Ruby SDK

I tried three ruby libs for managing Elastic IPs for AWS EC2.

  • fog
  • right_aws
  • Official Ruby AWS SDK.

I wholeheartedly recommend Official AWS Ruby SDK, as most simple and easy to use. I also insert several examples of assigning Elastic IPs with AWS Ruby SDK:

Manage AWS Elastic IPs With Fog

Connect to AWS API with fog.

require 'fog'

c =
                 :provider => 'AWS',
                 :aws_access_key_id => 'Your AWS access key',
                 :aws_secret_access_key => 'Your AWS secret key',
                 :region => 'us-east-1' )

2012 Year Sum Up

  • Two important things that I did this year:
    • Went to big travel to Asia, living in Thailand during 2012/2013 winter.
    • Went for short travel to Greece and UAE.

Winter in Thailand or From Idea to Reality: Part I - Why Thailand?


I want to write several articles about living Thailand. Of course a lot of people have been there, so my articles could look a little trite, but, on the other hand - why not? May be my experience will be useful for somebody.

About remote work and living in foreign countries

Many of remote workers can easily work everywhere if there’s an fair internet connection. If you like to travel - mix travel and work look like a very attractive idea.

When you are on usual holiday you hardly learn a lot about foreign country during those two weeks. But if you live and work in there for several month - Oh you can tell a lot about it.

Also different places of world have different features, may be you’ll like some of them.