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Winter in Thailand or From Idea to Reality: Part III - Visas


I have air tickets to Thailand now, but that’s not all. Now I need visa to Thailand.

I will tell about getting visa to Thailand for Ukrainian citizens.

Types of Thailand visas for Ukrainians

  • Visa on arrival, 15 days: you can get it in the airport. Sometimes you can be asked to prove that you have enough money and have air ticket from Thailand.
  • Single entry tourist visa, 2 monthes + can be prolong for 1 month for 1900 Baht: You need to process it in advance.
  • Double entry tourist visa, 2+1 monthes, fly out of Thailand, fly back and then again 2+1 monthes.: You need to process it in advance.
  • Business visa: about 1 year, I don’t look into this visa a lot becasue you need to have some buisness in Thailand.
  • Education visa: about 1 year, Nod bad, but you need to learn something in Thailand and pay money to some Thailand’s educational institution.

Which visa to choose?

  • Visa to arrival? definitely no, we need to stay for several monthes.
  • Tourist visa? Sounds good.
  • Buisness visa? I haven’t buisness in Thailand and don’t plan to create one.
  • Education visa? not bad, but more expensive than tourist visa (from 20000 Baht per year). And of course you will need spend time for learning.

So after some thoughts I chose double entry tourist’s visa.

Processing a visa

I do a little trick for proccess Thailand visa easier - I outsource this work to Travel Agency :) Of course each visa cost more for me(170$ instead of 90$), but I saved a lot of time and brain cells.

Also Travel Agency help us with processing medical insurrance for Thailand, it costs us about 150$ per person.

I provided following documents to process visas: - Foreign passport - Reference about your bank account state (you need to have more than 600$ on your bank account) - Printed air tickets - Insurance vouchers - Reference from work that we have work place in Ukraine - two 3x4 cm photos

I gave these documents to travel agency and in a week have my foreign passports with visa back.

if you proccess double-entry visas usually you need to provide airticket to Thailand and back for both entries. I didn’t have tickets for flying out of Thailand after 3 month (first part of double entry visa). I plan to decide later where to go. Luckily Travel agency where I proccessed visas resolve this for me, they booked additional tickets, get the visa for me and then cancel additional tickets. So I don’t need to think about beforehand. As I got actually you can even don’t buy return ticket if you use travel agency service for proccess visas.

Okey, now I have our airticket, I have visa.

So I need to think thorougly which stuff to get with us, and even more thourougly which stuff don’t. I need to plan the travel, book hotel and gather info about how to live good in Thailand. I need prepare for trip.