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Winter in Thailand or From Idea to Reality: Part II - Air Tickets


So I need to buy air tickets to Thailand. After some thoughts we decide to buy air tickets to Bagkok, spent there several days, and then move to Ko Samui.

Where to find cheapest ones?

I doubt that I’ll say something new, but earlier you buy tickets - the cheaper they will get. Because:

  • most cheap tickets end up first.
  • most companies give you discount if you buy tickets in advance.

Also you can try to search on sites of low cost airways, but this will need much more thorough planning of your trip, because low cost airlines are less agile then usual airlines.

Example of low cost airways for Thailand: AirAsia or NokAir.

I use KAYAK to search for cheapest tickets. I bought tickets not early, so they cost me a lot - 900$ per person from Ukraine to Thailand and back.

After I found tickets on KAYAK, KAYAK provide me a choice of sites where I can book them.

I choose Orbitz. it was a good choice. Orbitz worked very well, there wasn’t any problems.

I bought tickets from Austrian Airways from Khrakov to Bangkok with one connection in Vienna.

Flight from Kharkov to Vienna was very good. Flight from Vienna to Bangkok in Boing 777 wasn’t so comfortable. They have very small chairs in those Boing 777 :)

btw For Ukrainian traveler there’s a good route to fly to Dubai, and then fly from Dubai to Bangkok. Looking back I see that idea with connection in Vienna wasn’t a best idea. Actually we flight from Kharkov to Vienna in reverse direction from Bangkok, so then we should fly 10 hours to Bangkok.

Running a few step forward.

Later I use KAYAK again to search for and book tickets to Ko Samui from Bangkok. There was a lot of problems with booking tickets with KAYAK. so I don’t recommend to book tickets with KAYAK itself, use it only for searching.

Problems was:

  • They confirm booking
  • HOLD money on creditcard
  • Then canceled booking
  • Money on creditcard stayed on HOLD for 30 days

I especially don’t like the last point.

I booked tickets that KAYAK cannot book for me on site of air company that make flight - it was Bangkok Airways, there wasn’t any problems.

So I got the air tickets, and now I needed to get visa to Thailand.

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