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Winter in Thailand or From Idea to Reality: Part I - Why Thailand?


I want to write several articles about living Thailand. Of course a lot of people have been there, so my articles could look a little trite, but, on the other hand - why not? May be my experience will be useful for somebody.

About remote work and living in foreign countries

Many of remote workers can easily work everywhere if there’s an fair internet connection. If you like to travel - mix travel and work look like a very attractive idea.

When you are on usual holiday you hardly learn a lot about foreign country during those two weeks. But if you live and work in there for several month - Oh you can tell a lot about it.

Also different places of world have different features, may be you’ll like some of them.

Why Thailand?

I like weather to be warm. I like sea, fruits and learning foreign languages. Also I’m a remote worker, so I need fair internet connection.

As winter begin to come - I thought, may be it’d be great to move to some warm place? I’m not rich DevOp from Ukraine so this place should have prices comparable with Ukraine ones.

So after some comparision and reading different sources I choose Thailand. How it looks from internet?


  • it’s cheap to live here, about the same prices as living costs in Ukraine.
  • A lot of tasty and fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.
  • Sea available
  • It’s warm here, no winter at all
  • Crime rates are low, people are friendly and positive.
  • Internet is good, mostly ADSL as wired connection and also there’s a several 3G operators with good coverage.


  • A lot of insects here
  • It’s a little too hot here
  • a few people in Thailand speak english, you will need to learn Thai to have full living experience here.

Running ahead, I should tell that all these stuff appear to be true, when I’ve come to Thailand.

It looks good for me - so I choose Thailand, that lead me to next step:

Thailand is big, where to go?

We need:

  • sea around
  • some infrastructure (water, electricity, internet and so on)
  • it would be great if place wasn’t noisy - so we could work without disturbances.
  • not very expensive to live


After some investigation about Thailand I choose several places to go.

Koh Samui

  • pros:
    • good beaches
    • serene place
    • it’s romantic to live on the tropical island
  • cons:
    • small island, so not so much infrastructure (supermarkets are still here though)
    • more expensive than (for example) Bangkok
    • on some parts of island internet is not very good

Hua Hin:

  • pros:
    • internet is better than on islands.
    • prices are decent.
    • good beaches.
  • cons:


  • pros:
    • medium island with bridge to continent, easy to go somewhere
    • You’ll still live on tropical island
    • relatively good internet
  • cons:
    • more expensive than Samui (which’s not very cheap!)


  • pros:
    • good beaches
    • there’re good climbing sites (I like climbing)
    • good for snorkeling (I like snorkeling too)
  • cons:
    • more expensive than Samui (which’s not very cheap!)
    • internet isn’t very good there


  • pros:
    • good infrastructure (internet, super markets and so on)
  • cons:
    • noisy and messy place, a lot of night life
    • it’s expensive to live there

After some thoughts I decided to go to Koh Samui, I like serene places, and it’s not too expensive to live there. May be I’ll try Hua Hin next year.

So now I know where to go, that lead me to the next step - I needed to buy air tickets to Thailand.

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